Recovery from Psychological Trauma

Often we turn to therapy after some experience or event has changed our lives in unexpected ways. It may be one sudden event or it may be the cumulative effect of our past, it may be a moment of awareness or a shift in our perspective that help us understand that our past is coloring our present and our life is not as we would like it to be. It is at these crossroads we reach out to therapy.

Traumatic experiences can shatter our basic belief about safety and trust in ourselves and others. Feelings of self-esteem and self worth are affected. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with flashbacks and sleep problems. We may fear relationships, closeness, trusting. There may be feelings of guilt or shame. Our past is preventing us from being in the present or making a future.

We each deal with on-going issues in our daily lives. These issues may be around feelings about our self, our place in the world, or they may be problems in our relationships. These feelings may have been initiated by loss, an illness, decision making, the pressure of work, studies, finding a partner, children or parenting. It may be the effects of sexual abuse or sexual trauma. It may show itself as a questioning, a pondering, or it may feel like a pervasive underlying unquiet-ness or anxiety. It may be experienced as feelings of panic, anxiety, depression and loneliness.

As you work through the trauma, not only are the symptoms of the trauma reduced, but also the working through will give you the capacity to create a future of your choice.

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